The Computer Whisperer

Partial list of services offered 

Computer Repair

            Resolve software errors

            Resolve no power, no boot issues        

            Remove Viruses and Spyware

            Replace dead or dying hard drives

            Recover data from dying hard drives


Running out of room on your hard drive?

Clone the entire contents of your old hard drive to new, larger hard drive.



Hardware Upgrades

            Hard drives, Memory, Video Cards

            Add Memory to increase system performance


Custom Windows PCs


Custom Windows Servers

            Redundant hard drives, automated backups

            Capture files deleted from server shares to the recycle bin




            Wired and Wireless

            Secure your wireless network

            Network setup and configuration

            Pull cable / network drops

            Secure your wireless network

            Extend the range of your wireless network

            Resolve network communication issues

            Share files and printers


Migrate data and settings to new computer


Laser printer maintenance and repair




Notebook Repair



            Hard Drives






And more…